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  • 2019 Summer Retreat trip to Wasaga beach

    Montreal Immanuel Church members are called to join the mini retreat trip to Wasaga Beach. Wasaga Beach is a Canadian town at the southern end of Ontario’s Georgian Bay. From August 25th to 26th, we are going to have mini retreat with worship and bible study program. Now it is going toward to the end of this summer, we want to refresh and renew our mind with word of God, plus there will be conference to discuss second half mission plan and strategy with prayers. For further information, please contact director at 438-877-9772 or 438-939-0153.

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  • June 8 | 2018
    Sunday Service Held with Grace, Two Newcomers Attended

    Sunday service was held with grace received from the sermon and with the presence of two brother newcomers. The Sunday sermon was delivered by Pastor Jefferson from the scripture Hebrews 11: 6-11 focusing on faith that was inherited by those who became the ancestors of faith. Faith like of Abraham that obeyed God’s command to leave his country, his people and his father’s household which later God blessed him as the origin of blessing. Without wavering he obeyed and followed God’s command. There are two things that sums up faith, first it to love God with all your heart, soul and mind and second is to believe in the cross and resurrection. The Bible points out the sin of man, first…

  • May 15 | 2018
    Immanuel Held Sunday Service with Grace and Active Sports Fellowship

    Sunday service was held with grace as the preacher Pastor Jefferson delivered sermon from Matthew 13: 24-42. The sermon emphasized on the goodness of God that created the world and all creation with love. However the evil exists because of the devil by planting evil while everyone was sleeping. The parable compares evil to the weeds that sprouts out among the wheat that appears to resemble the good wheat but in reality it is only good to be burned. The harvest therefore is like the judgment for the weeds. Likewise, though there are many evils in this world God allows the good and evil to grow together until the judgement. Everyone will face the judgement as the Bible declares “Just…

  • May 14 | 2018
    Sunday Service and Picnic Held Joyfully with New Comer

    Montreal Sunday sermon exhorted members to love God first and love one’s brother with the true love by laying down one’s life. The sermon was delivered by the preacher Pastor Jefferson from the scriptures Matthew 18: 21-35 also qouting John 15: 9-13, Genesis 3: 1-6 and Genesis 2: 17. Adam sinned by eating the fruit of the knowledge and we inherited the sinful nature of Adam by mistrusting God’s love. God commanded human beings to be fruitful first that is to bear the fruit of love towards God and loving our brothers. . Although God loves us fully and he provided everything to humans by giving even his only son to forgive man of their sins yet humans still remain…


  • Japanese Member Share Testimony During Christmas Retreat 2017

      A Japanese Church member from Montreal Kaori Nishi attended the Christmas Retreat 2017. This is her first Christmas retreat in Japan listening to the sermon in her native Japanese language. Although this is her first Church visit in Japan, she participated in the Zion festival, sang with the members and fellowshiped with grace. Upon receiving many grace and love from the members in Japan during the retreat, she gave tearful testimony. Please pray for Kaori to be guided well and grow in the word of God as a true fruit. Below is her testimony. ” I thank God for bringing me to the Christmas Retreat this time. What I learned at this time was the life of Jesus Christ, the lecture…

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  • September 22 | 2017
    Jessynia’s Graceful Testimony from Retreat

    Jessyna from Montreal shared about how she was so inspired by the unique love of the church in Montreal. Despite being in ministry and in the church for a majority of her life, she was touched by the pure and deep love of the minister there, and found that it was truly the place for her to attend and grow in her faith. ”During this retreat, I was reminded that the message of the cross is the power of God for us who share the faith in Jesus-Christ resurrection. The sermons taught me that there is meaning and purpose to our sufferings and hardships. The cross gives us the assurance that we can overcome loneliness and despair with faith and…

  • August 6 | 2017
    Alia’s Testimony After Attending Church Retreat

    Sister Alia from Montreal shared that though it is her first retreat and she was just at the beginning of her christian walk, she received so much love and grace from the messages, and fellowship with brothers and sisters.

  • June 22 | 2017
    Graceful Testimony is Given after the Easter Gathering

    Vincent shared his life saving testimony that he would not be alive if it were not for the change in his life through the gospel of Jesus Christ. He encouraged everyone in the room to always share the grace they had received as it would save many more lives in the future, and that it was their responsibility to share it with as many as possible.