Bible Study : Hebrews chapter 11 verse 6-8

The principle scripture draws out a pivotal subject that is foundational as a Christian and that subject is Faith. The book of Hebrews in chapter 11 record great names in the Bible that are distinct as ancestors of faith such as Noah, Abraham, Jacob and their descendants who inherited their faith. The scripture point out their path of faith and their lifestyles as people of God.

What kind of lifestyle should a believer choose to take up and live? Simply put, a lifestyle based on Faith. The exemplary life of great names in the Bible lived by faith. So then, what is faith? It is to establish a proper and correct relationship with God. A right relationship with God begins when one understands the meaning of Salvation. Why? Because Faith and Salvation is correlational. Faith is a unique channel to understand and receive the grace of Salvation. One must understand that Salvation means being freed from sins or being saved from sins. Those who do not believe in God may choose to live a life filled with physical pleasures and enjoyment of the flesh. However, when one chooses to live only to please the desires of the flesh, destruction is imminent. As such, in order to save human beings from being destroyed, God permitted the surprising work of Salvation through Jesus Christ. The surprising work of Salvation is a manifestation of God’s unconditional love. Therefore, Faith is believing that the work Salvation is God’s love for me to be saved from sins and destruction.

Based on this truth, Christians must live a grateful and dynamic life. Faith allows us to see the future differently. Church must play a significant role to raise people of Faith who will live by God’s word and not by the standards of the secular world. One must seek to understand faith and strive to overcome tests of life. When believers genuinely wish to keep God’s command and His words, peace and eternal life will be bestowed upon them. In conclusion, establish a proper relation with God and implement faith in our daily life. Guard your Salvation preciously and leave the life of sins and do God’s work that will endure to eternal life.