• Immanuel Held Sunday Service with Grace and Active Sports Fellowship

    Sunday service was held with grace as the preacher Pastor Jefferson delivered sermon from Matthew 13: 24-42. The sermon emphasized on the goodness of God that created the world and all creation with love. However the evil exists because of the devil by planting evil while everyone was sleeping. The parable compares evil to the weeds that sprouts out among the wheat that appears to resemble the good wheat but in reality it is only good to be burned. The harvest therefore is like the judgment for the weeds. Likewise, though there are many evils in this world God allows the good and evil to grow together until the judgement. Everyone will face the judgement as the Bible declares “Just…

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  • May 14 | 2018
    Sunday Service and Picnic Held Joyfully with New Comer

    Montreal Sunday sermon exhorted members to love God first and love one’s brother with the true love by laying down one’s life. The sermon was delivered by the preacher Pastor Jefferson from the scriptures Matthew 18: 21-35 also qouting John 15: 9-13, Genesis 3: 1-6 and Genesis 2: 17. Adam sinned by eating the fruit of the knowledge and we inherited the sinful nature of Adam by mistrusting God’s love. God commanded human beings to be fruitful first that is to bear the fruit of love towards God and loving our brothers. . Although God loves us fully and he provided everything to humans by giving even his only son to forgive man of their sins yet humans still remain…

  • May 12 | 2018
    Montreal Held Sunday Service and Picnic Fellowship

    Immanuel Community Church members were blessed with grace from the Sunday service and held joyful outdoor activities and picnic fellowship after the service. The Sunday sermon was delivered by Pastor Jefferson from Romans 3: 10-24 pointing out that no one is righteous not even one. All have fallen short of righteousness because of sins and there is no way to rid off our sins but only by the blood of Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches us that the method to wash our sins away is not by self-control but by shedding the blood. “In fact, the law requires that nearly everything be cleansed with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness.” Hebrews 9:22. Only by the…

  • May 6 | 2018
    Montreal Mini-Retreat Concludes on Pentecost Sunday

    Immanuel held a mini- retreat during the weekend and the program concluded on Pentecost Sunday with one newcomer that attended the service. The preacher Pastor Jefferson explicated the meaning and role of the Holy Spirit during the weekend mini-retreat taking reference from the scripture 1 Corinthians 12 concerning the spiritual gifts and unity as Christ’ body. The Church unites as a body of Christ through the intervention of the Holy Spirit that manifest the diverse work of God for the common good and the Church members should eagerly long for it. Most of all one must eagerly desire for the greater gifts. Another Biblical reference was taken from 1 Corinthians 14:1-6 exhorting members to follow the way of love eagerly…

  • May 3 | 2018
    Friday Sermon Urges Members to Seek the Truth and Pray

    Friday Prayer meeting sermon urged the attendants to seek God’s truth passionately and attain true peace in one’s heart. The sermon was taken from the Scripture John 16: 1-8 delivered by Pastor Jefferson. The sermon emphasized on knowing God and Jesus clearly. Wrong understanding of God and Jesus will lead us to make errors before God and in life. The Jews were mistaken about their faith and righteousness crediting themselves as righteous with their own acts of good deeds because they had a wrong understanding of faith. Although we may follow the law meticulously if we do not have the right understanding of faith, there will be more distance with. As the Jews, they were confident about themselves by following…

  • April 23 | 2018
    Montreal Sunday Sermon Explicates Image of God

    By the grace of God, Montreal Immanuel Church is blessed with newcomer brothers continuously joining the Sunday service. This Sunday, another brother named Mathieu joined the Sunday service who received much grace during the service and later joined the Bible study. The Sunday sermon emphasized on the image of God, taken from the scripture Genesis 1:27,28. The preacher Pastor Jefferson explicated the meaning of the image of God and the meaning of the existence of human lives. The Bible teaches us clearly that God created us with His own image and because of this image every individual is valuable and precious. However, many people in this world today struggle to find their value of existence because of many wrong human…

  • April 19 | 2018
    Montreal Immanuel Prepare to Hold Pentecost Mini Retreat 2018

    Montreal Immanuel Community Church is delighted to hold the Pentecost Mini-Retreat from May 18- May 20, 2018. The Church prays for many souls to receive the Holy Spirit and be empowered by the grace of God. Please pray for the fruitful celebration of this auspicious day and by remembering how our Lord Jesus Christ opened the era of the Holy Spirit to all men through his blood shed on the cross. We seek prayer for the programs to be led by the Spirit of God. Pentecost is the annual Christian festival commemorating the descent of the Holy Spirit on the disciples of Jesus after his ascension from earth to heaven on Ascension Day. Pentecost means “fiftieth day”, as it is…

  • March 20 | 2018
    Spring Worship Night Held Joyously

      Montreal Spring Worship Night was held on Friday with joy and grace as the Church music team led the worship with graceful Gospel rendition. The attendants were blessed by the praises and prayer that were sincerely prepared by church music team. The program began with prayer and sermon delivered by Pastor Jefferson on Romans 12 on the message of repaying with goodness and love in spite of evil deeds. The sermon encouraged the attendants to live as true worshipers that offer one’s life to God. After the sermon, songs of praises were presented in duets and solos. A special guest Elie performed a moving piano solo on ‘Carol of the Bells’ and ‘Amazing Grace.’ Prayers were offered on repenting,…

  • February 15 | 2018
    Church Exhorted Members and Newcomers to Receive the Holy Spirit

    Montreal Immanuel Sunday service was blessed with more new brothers that attended the Sunday service and Sunday afternoon Bible study The Church gives thanks to God for the continuous growth of the brothers in number and in deepening faith through the word of God. The Sunday sermon explicated on the meaning of Jesus’ cross and his resurrection in order to bring clarity to our own salvation.The preacher, Pastor Jefferson emphasized on the correct understanding of the cross of Jesus and his coming basing on Romans 3 and Matthew 21:33-44. Jesus revealed the truth  about his coming and the cross that he must carry for our sins and rebuild the kingdom of God with him as the capstone. The Parable of the Vineyard emphasized that…

  • February 11 | 2018
    Grateful to God for Regular Bible Study Members

    Montreal Immanuel Church began daily evangelism from the beginning of the month January. The Church is grateful to God for the fruitful evangelism harvest during the beginning of the year sending good brothers to study the Bible. Regular weekly Bible study and weekend studies are held on Romans and other book study. The Church is praying for all the attending brothers to know God and the truth in the Bible in order to bear fruits of faith and love.