• Immanuel Church Launched Weekly Newsletter

    In August, Montreal Immanuel Church of Olivet Assembly launched it’s weekly newsletter to share good news with it’s growing congregants. The ultimate aim of the Newsletter is to motivate believers in their daily approach to their journey with God. Christian living is essentially an essence of life integral both in one’s professional or personal life.The Church pray that the Newsletter will help believers to dwell in the presence of God. The Newsletter also include Church programs to include participation in the local Church activities and fellowship. May the Newsletter become a tool to reach out to many needy souls.

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  • August 2 | 2017
    Montreal Witness Street Evangelism Fruits During Weekly Services

    Montreal Immanuel Church of Olivet Assembly is grateful to witness the fruits of street evangelism. The weekly services continue to welcome young believers seeking God.   The Church encourage evangelism as a living practice of discipleship and making disciples of Jesus. Street evangelism is one of the many avenues the Church has initiated during the past weeks to witness Christ to Montreal youths.   During this Wednesday service, the Church minister exhorted the youth to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and find the priorities of life. The sermon was based on Matthew 6:24-34.   “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to…

  • June 11 | 2017
    Washington, D.C. Chinese Sister Book Club Finishes Their First Book

    Washington, D.C. Chinese sister book club held a total of 8 sessions so far, starting March 16, and finished their first book, “The Meaning of Marriage” on May 18, 2017. They met once a week every Thursday for few hours in the evening. Through the meetings, the sisters learned more in-depth about the meaning of marriage. Both married and single sisters participated for the weekly session. Single sisters who joined the group expressed their appreciation for the class because it allowed them to have proper hearts and attitudes for preparing their future marriage and to have more confidence and hope in God’s work for it too. One single sister commented on how she’s been stressing less about her future marriage…

  • June 11 | 2017
    Sunday Prayer Meeting, Outing and Evangelism Distinguish Mid-Atlantic Pentecost Retreat

    The Olivet Assembly’s Mid-Atlantic Region is anticipating a joyful Pentecost retreat starting tomorrow with many special events. Three churches, Revival Community Church, Deer Park Community Church and Bethel Presbyterian Church, will gather in Washington, D.C. to begin the retreat at 9 a.m. with praise and a Bible study. “The Holy Spirit is guiding us to make this year’s Pentecost retreat very special. We are going to have multiple prayer meetings, time for fellowship and evangelism at the National Zoo and a special Sunday prayer meeting after the service,” said Bethel Church Minister Sam Kim. He continued, “On Saturday evening, we will hear testimonies of members who experienced the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Sachie Yoshimoto volunteered to…

  • June 11 | 2017
    DC Bethel EV Contacts Increasing as Pentecost Nears

    Bethel Presbyterian Church in Washington, D.C. is pursuing its mission going toward Pentecost. Every Saturday at 2 p.m., members of the church is meeting at George Washington University in Downtown Washington, D.C. to study the Bible with newcomers and then evangelize together. “I am thankful for some of the members in DC who are very persistent in our mission to reach out to the lost sheep of Israel. We’ve been continuing our weekend evangelism program for the church for past few months and we are starting to see the small clouds of hope here and there,” shared Bethel Church Minister Sam Kim. He continued, “Our list of new contacts is increasing and there are more students and others whom we…

  • June 11 | 2017
    Mid-Atlantic Region Decides to Hold Joint Pentecost Retreat

    The Mid-Atlantic region in the U.S. decided to hold a joint retreat for the upcoming Pentecost. The region will have three cities gathering, Washington, D.C., Richmond and Raleigh. Sunday, June 4 is Pentecost and there are less than 30 days remaining. “It took awhile for us to come to a consensus. Nonetheless, this decision brings us much excitement. The early church made great effort to gather, especially on Pentecost, and they prayed. That’s when the work of the Holy Spirit happened,” shared Bethel Church minister Sam Kim. He added, “The work of the Holy Spirit still goes on today and we eagerly expect to experience the same miracle as the early church. It is our hope to evangelize and gather…