DC Bethel EV Contacts Increasing as Pentecost Nears

Bethel Presbyterian Church in Washington, D.C. is pursuing its mission going toward Pentecost.

Every Saturday at 2 p.m., members of the church is meeting at George Washington University in Downtown Washington, D.C. to study the Bible with newcomers and then evangelize together.

“I am thankful for some of the members in DC who are very persistent in our mission to reach out to the lost sheep of Israel. We’ve been continuing our weekend evangelism program for the church for past few months and we are starting to see the small clouds of hope here and there,” shared Bethel Church Minister Sam Kim.

He continued, “Our list of new contacts is increasing and there are more students and others whom we met on campus showing interest for studying the Bible. We want to keep going without giving up until the end. We hope that our prayer to feed the Lord’s sheep can bear fruit as we see new life being born in our church and the city.”

The church members got more than 60 contacts of people interested in studying the Bible since April of this year. Many of them are students of GWU.

“Many missionaries and pastors served, prayed and sowed the seeds of the gospel in the nation’s capital. We hope that God can help us see the results of all their precious sacrifice through new life we will see here,” said Kim.

Please pray for the church to continue going out in faith in God who rewards those who earnestly seek Him!