Friday Sermon Urges Members to Seek the Truth and Pray

Friday Prayer meeting sermon urged the attendants to seek God’s truth passionately and attain true peace in one’s heart. The sermon was taken from the Scripture John 16: 1-8 delivered by Pastor Jefferson. The sermon emphasized on knowing God and Jesus clearly.

Wrong understanding of God and Jesus will lead us to make errors before God and in life. The Jews were mistaken about their faith and righteousness crediting themselves as righteous with their own acts of good deeds because they had a wrong understanding of faith. Although we may follow the law meticulously if we do not have the right understanding of faith, there will be more distance with. As the Jews, they were confident about themselves by following the law but they did not stand in a right faith. Therefore they were blinded to God’s righteous act of sending Jesus Christ as the savior and they judged and killed their savior. This is not only about the stories of Jews but it is also about ourselves. It is very easy for us to have wrong faith when we fail to understand God and Salvation correctly. The preacher exhorted the attendants to passionately seek the truth and attain true peace in the heart in order to attain eternal life. 

After the sermon, members gathered for prayer meeting. The Church was grateful to God for leading one newcomer brother named Antoine to the Church. During the prayer meeting, the members shared grace from the sermon and prayer request. Every member was joyful and happy with the prayer fellowship as they prayed for one another. Please continue to pray for Montreal members to grow in faith and become true people of God.