The true identity of people of God is firstly related to service. Christians are those who offer services to God. The meaning of service cannot be defined simply. According to Paul, the service is not only offered in a limited time and space on a special day but in a whole life process offering “the bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God” as “spiritual act of worship.”

Montreal Immanuel Community Church holds regular services on Sunday and Wednesday which becomes the platform for Christians to extend it to the actual lives as a pleasing sacrifice to God. In this aspect, physical participation in church services is still an uncompromising element of the Christian life to be renewed and communicated both in God and congregation.

Through service our connection with God is strengthened and a new relationship with brothers and sisters in Christ is formed. Service protects and sustains our lives in both vertical and horizontal relationships. We considers the offering of service to the Lord with full heart and spirit to be the most significant role of the church.

• New Year Service
• Easter Service
• Pentecost Service
• Thanksgiving Service
• Christmas Service