Immanuel Held Sunday Service with Grace and Active Sports Fellowship

Sunday service was held with grace as the preacher Pastor Jefferson delivered sermon from Matthew 13: 24-42. The sermon emphasized on the goodness of God that created the world and all creation with love. However the evil exists because of the devil by planting evil while everyone was sleeping. The parable compares evil to the weeds that sprouts out among the wheat that appears to resemble the good wheat but in reality it is only good to be burned. The harvest therefore is like the judgment for the weeds. Likewise, though there are many evils in this world God allows the good and evil to grow together until the judgement. Everyone will face the judgement as the Bible declares “Just as people are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment” Hebrews 9:27.  No one can escape the judgment of God, for everyone will die and the ones who live by the word of God will overcome the judgment of God but those who does not will be punished.
The preacher encouraged attendants to obey the word of God conscious of the judgement of God. Finally the preacher exhorted attendants to learn to live by love as Jesus taught to love by even loving the enemies and to overcome evil with good.

After the Sunday service, the Church members went to the neighborhood park and soccer field to play two soccer match. The match was between the older aged and the young youth and both the team scored a draw of 2-2. After the soccer match another round of sports was held at the basketball court, a friendly match of basketball between the same groups. Due to rain, the second soccer match was put to a halt. Overall, the sports fellowship was held actively and joyfully.

Please pray for the Montreal Church members to keep growing in faith and be truly united with God and the Church.