Jessynia’s Graceful Testimony from Retreat

Jessyna from Montreal shared about how she was so inspired by the unique love of the church in Montreal. Despite being in ministry and in the church for a majority of her life, she was touched by the pure and deep love of the minister there, and found that it was truly the place for her to attend and grow in her faith.

”During this retreat, I was reminded that the message of the cross is the power of God for us who share the faith in Jesus-Christ resurrection. The sermons taught me that there is meaning and purpose to our sufferings and hardships. The cross gives us the assurance that we can overcome loneliness and despair with faith and prayers. During this Easter retreat, I was full of joy, because I found more meaning and more reasons to pursue my journey of faith with God. I am also thankful for all testimonies, songs, our children participation to Easter celebration and our fellowship. It was truly a blessing.” God Bless!