Period of Advent : waiting for the Christmas

The word ‘Advent’ came from the Latin word ‘Adventus’ which means coming. The period is from Nov 27th until Christmas Eve.

During this time, Christians remember the birth of Jesus Christ who is son of God.

Jesus was sent from his father to save this world, and it is revealing God’s great love toward us. He came to this world where it is darkened, dirtied by the sins of human beings. He dare to be with us and go through the sufferings together even though he was not sinners like us.

At that night of birth, who was around with him and celebrating with was not many.  Those were 3 visitors from a far, some shepherds from the field and animals in the stable. And the place where he was born were not even hygienic ..not to talk about luxuriousness of King. The baby born and laid in the manger. Imagine where the horse eats from.. That was how the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God.

When we think about how he humbled and lowered himself to be with us, to save us, we cannot help but filled with gratitude toward him, and that why we want to worship him.

In this period, not only celebrating, let us remember, meditate and ponder on this event and nourished from this event.