Sunday Service and Picnic Held Joyfully with New Comer

Montreal Sunday sermon exhorted members to love God first and love one’s brother with the true love by laying down one’s life. The sermon was delivered by the preacher Pastor Jefferson from the scriptures Matthew 18: 21-35 also qouting John 15: 9-13, Genesis 3: 1-6 and Genesis 2: 17.

Adam sinned by eating the fruit of the knowledge and we inherited the sinful nature of Adam by mistrusting God’s love. God commanded human beings to be fruitful first that is to bear the fruit of love towards God and loving our brothers. . Although God loves us fully and he provided everything to humans by giving even his only son to forgive man of their sins yet humans still remain blind to God’s love. Jesus said, to love even your enemies and lay down your lives for your brothers as he did for us. The preacher exhorted the Church members to be filled with God’s love and mature and love one’s own brother.

After the Sunday service, Church attendants and members visited the local park for a picnic and enjoyed joyful table fellowship time. Children and adults all enjoyed the sunny warm weather. Please continue to pray for Montreal Church members to know God’s love deeply and love one another with God’s love.