Washington, D.C. Chinese Sister Book Club Finishes Their First Book

Washington, D.C. Chinese sister book club held a total of 8 sessions so far, starting March 16, and finished their first book, “The Meaning of Marriage” on May 18, 2017. They met once a week every Thursday for few hours in the evening.

Through the meetings, the sisters learned more in-depth about the meaning of marriage. Both married and single sisters participated for the weekly session.

Single sisters who joined the group expressed their appreciation for the class because it allowed them to have proper hearts and attitudes for preparing their future marriage and to have more confidence and hope in God’s work for it too.

One single sister commented on how she’s been stressing less about her future marriage recently. She wants to spend more time on her spiritual growth to deepen her relationship with God because that relationship is what matters for her future marriage. She understands that her future marriage will be better when a husband and a wife love each other with the love of God.

The book club will continue to meet every Thursday to help sister members in Washington, D.C., to help those who are already married and to equip those who are looking to marry in the future. Please pray for God’s love to guide the sisters in DC!